Foot ulcer and lower extremity amputation risk reduction has been identified as a priority focus by the Champlain Regional Diabetes Advisory Committee.  As a result the Champlain Diabetes Foot Care Expert Committee was established to develop a best practice “tool box”, training module, and evaluation strategy to support the uptake of best practices for reducing foot ulcers and amputations for people living with Diabetes across the Champlain region. The tool box reflects many elements of the RNAO Best Practice Guidelines and includes documents and resources for health care providers and patients such as, an evidence based Foot ulcer risk assessment protocol, Patient Foot Ulcer Risk Profile Report, Patient Foot Care Tips, and Champlain Regional Diabetes Foot Care Teaching Record. 

An on site, training program, facilitated by foot care experts and Champlain Diabetes Regional Coordination Centre staff has been developed to help participants:

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