Diabetes Education Outreach and Collaboration

Many of the Champlain Community Diabetes Education Programs are able to provide outreach within primary care practices. Diabetes Educators (RNs and RDs) can provide group or individual education sessions and management at your location, with your patients, charting within your existing medical record system. Please contact the DRCC Outreach Coordinator if you are interested in this Quality Improvement (QI) initiative.

Quality Improvement Processes

There are a variety of ways to improve the flow and care of your patients living with diabetes within your practice. From a high intensity initiative to utilize your current EMR system, creating a registry or create a paper-based version to engage in panel management of your patients, to a simple recall system so that no patient gets “lost in the system”. A medium intensity initiative could entail a visit from one of our endocrinologist to provide the support and guidance you need to manage the more complex diabetes patient. We can also assist in low intensity initiatives such as tailoring a flow sheet that works best for you practice, or provide educational session on Diabetes management or Self-Management to your healthcare team. Please contact the DRCC Outreach Coordinator to discuss your particular needs.

Self-Management Support Training

Self-Management Support is integral in the support of all patients with chronic illness to have the skills and confidence to care for themselves. When healthcare providers have the skills and techniques to assess a patient’s readiness and are able to identify where the patient is at in relation to the stages of readiness, the team can be very effective to more patients towards optimal self-management. The Champlain DRCC is able to provide training in Choices and Changes, a self-management support workshop, developed by the Institute for Healthcare Communication. Please contact the DRCC Outreach Coordinator for more information about the Self-Management Support training opportunities.

Endocrinologist Consultation

The Champlain DRCC is proud to have two Specialist Leads on our team: Dr. Janine Malcolm and Dr. Phyllis Hierlihy. Our Specialist Leads are available for mentorship and consultation sessions in person or via the Ontario Telemedecine Network (OTN). Please contact the DRCC Outreach Coordinator if you are interested in this QI initiative.

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