We collaborate and liaison with other regional partners, including diabetes education centres and primary care practices, to share information and best practices. We strive to assist health care providers with linking unattached people with diabetes to a primary care provider. We identify and highlight local innovative diabetes practices and assist other regional programs to implement effective quality improvement initiatives. The Champlain LHIN Diabetes and Vascular Health Team works collaboratively with regional chronic disease committees and networks to promote and sustain an effective chronic disease management outlook for all community members. If you would like to partner with the Champlain LHIN Diabetes and Vascular Health Team, please contact us.

Ottawa Public HealthOttawa Public Health offers resources free of charge on diabetes to workplaces in Ottawa. These range from diabetes awareness and prevention sessions in partnership with The Ottawa Hospital’s Healthy Lifestyle Diabetes Program and the Bruyère Continuing Care Diabetes Family Health Team to tips on healthy lifestyles in our quarterly e-bulletin. To sign up for the e-bulletin, or for more information or to book a diabetes session, please contact Ottawa Public Health’s Workplace Health Line by phone at 613-580-6744 ext. 24197 or by email at workplacehealth@ottawa.ca. Connect with Ottawa Public Health on Facebook, Twitter (@ottawahealth) and Tumblr.

Canadian Diabetes Association The Canadian Diabetes Association leads the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while working to find a cure.

Diabete Quebec Diabète Québec provides useful resources and information in French to people living in and outside Québec.

EatRight Ontario Eat Right Ontario runs a toll-free line to help you improve your health and quality of life through healthy eating.

Living Healthy ChamplainLiving Healthy Champlain runs a free self-management workshop that helps people with chronic health conditions to better manage their symptoms and their daily life.

ChamplainhealthlineChamplainhealthline.ca is a web portal that provides information about health and community services providers.

CHEO Centre for Healthy Active LivingThe Centre for Healthy Acting Living at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) uses an evidence-based, family-centred, and interdisciplinary approach in its treatment programs for children living with diabetes.

Ontario Bariatric NetworkThe Ontario Bariatric Network provides pre and post-bariatric surgical care, counselling, referral and weight loss treatment at its Centres of Excellence, including The Ottawa Hospital.

Ontario Telemedecine NetworkThe Ontario Telemedicine Network delivers clinical care and distance education for health care providers and patients.

Projenesis Iberoamerican OrganizationProjenesis is a non-profit organization which, among other things, promotes diabetes education to the Latin American community living in the Ottawa area.

SHRTN Diabetes Community of PracticeSHRTN: The Seniors Health Knowledge Network makes connections: we link people, resources and ideas together to benefit the health of the aging population. Our mission is to make a positive impact on seniors’ health by encouraging advancements in research, education, practice and policies.

SHKN: Seniors’ Health Knowledge Network In the Fall of 2011, the Diabetes Community of Practice (CoP) disseminated a DVD-based educational resource for Long Term Care homes. “Diabetes 101: A Comprehensive Learning Tool for Health Care Professionals in Long Term Care Settings” is an educational resource designed to enhance the knowledge and competency of regulated and unregulated health care providers in long term care. Diabetes 101 is divided into 10 learning modules that target specific aspects of diabetes care and management for older adults who require full or partial assistance with their diabetes.

Eastern Ontario Health UnitThe Eastern Ontario Health Unit promotes and protects the health and wellness of our community by preventing diseases and injuries, and by advocating for a safe and healthy environment through strategic partnerships.