Diabetes is a growing challenge, affecting approximately eight per cent of the population in the Champlain region. Foot care has become an area of focus because the hospitalization rate for diabetes-related foot problems such as infection, ulcers and amputations is high in the Champlain region compared to other areas of Ontario. To learn more, see the Champlain LHIN’s latest video: Diabetes in the Champlain Region: A focus on foot care.

Before connecting to any foot care provider, it is highly recommended that you connect with your primary care provider to determine the most appropriate and/or best care needed for you.

A vital part of diabetes management is the prevention of complications. People living with diabetes must check their feet daily to ensure they maintain healthy feet, in order to avoid foot related complications such as cuts, sores, ulcers, bunions and deformities. Having a healthcare provider assess the sensitivity and circulation of your feet is also vital to maintain healthy feet.

The Champlain DRCC does not endorse or promote any specific foot care service, and lists only professionally designated services in the region.

Ministry funded foot care services require a referral and must meet some requirements. Private funded foot care services charge a fee (between $ 24-45 depending on treatment needs) and can be self-referred.